RHD Enterprises, Inc. has extensive and diverse experience and can support our clients' changing needs.  We excel at unique, complex projects with compressed schedules and challenging site conditions. 

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Recent Projects

Laboratory Modernization.
The modernization includes complete interior demolition of all interior finishes, laboratory equipment and fixtures, mechanical, electrical, and existing roofing. As well as installation of new mechanical, electrical, fire sprinkler, laboratory equipment, structural, interior and architectural finishes, roofing, concrete, exterior canopy, new boiler feed water system and controls.

 RHD received an "Above-Average" evaluation on this project

Controlled Temperature Environmental Rooms.
This project requires demolition of the existing CT rooms, refrigeration, controls, associated electrical, structural supports and flashing for the new roof top units.

Spokane Boiler & Various Mechanical Repairs
This is a design/build project.  Scope of work includes asbestos abatement, demolition of existing condensate and hot water distribution system, replacement of boiler controller, repair of the boiler refractory and boiler and replacement of the domestic water heater and distribution system.

RHD received an “Above-Average" evaluation on this project

Upgrade of Restrooms, Locker Rooms, Fitness Facilities and Guardhouse 
Project scope includes demolition of existing plumbing, electrical fixtures, cabinetry, lockers, and tile in various rooms within an occupied building and the replacement with new. Additionally, RHD completed the remodel of the Guardhouse with drywall, electrical, painting, ceramic tile and a new cement pad. RHD received an “Outstanding” evaluation on this project.

USCG Repairs.
This project required demolition of existing flooring and base, drywall repair, repair to the existing access flooring, new paint and carpet.

Repair Water Damage 
Project scope includes drywall repair, prime and painting, new carpet and base and vanity installation.

 Wall Leak Repair
Project scope includes removal and replacement of copper wall sheets, bentonite grout injection with waterproofing injection of wall cracks.

Club Ballroom Renovation 
Project scope includes demolition, new interior walls, wainscot, carpet, lighting, sound.  RHD received and "Outstanding" evaluation on this project.