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RHD's First Employee is First to Retire

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on February 12, 2018

He’s always stood out in a crowd, with his ever-ready grin and snowy white, excuse me, I mean golden, hair and beard.  He is as well known for his jokes and mischief, as he is for his flawless job execution and commitment to excellence.  He’s cultivated client and subcontractors over his career and the past 8 years, making them a priority, knowing it is these relationships that lead to project success.

Dave served in the Navy from 1966-1970 as a Submarine Service Radioman Viet Nam and from 1980-1996 as a Submarine Service Radioman for SSBN-Fast Boats and Missile Submarines around the world.  Dave served on the USS Seadragon, USS Daniel Webster, USS Scamp and USS Georgia.  We honor, acknowledge and thank you Dave for his service.

During his time with RHD, Dave supervised wide variety of projects.  He was our laboratory specialist after managing our first two projects in the 8(a) program with the EPA. He was our only employee.  The first project was an upgrade and renovation of four Constant Temperature Rooms, the second a $4 million modernization of the Biology Wing laboratory.  The Biology Wing project included coordination with Homeland Security as well, since they provided the funding for the secure analysis areas of the wing.

The next laboratory project Dave found himself managing was RHD’s first competitive award for the GSA. The $2.7 million dollar design-build laboratory for the FDA in Bothell required Dave take on a full-time, onsite partner, Krista Malone.  The project was an outstanding success that resulted in the contracting officer nominating this project for an award. 

Dave and Krista became RHD’s A-team.  After commuting back and forth to Bothell for a year, (that alone deserves an award!) Dave supervised the first of three $4 million dollar IDIQ contracts for the Navy at PSNS.  Dave and Krista managed 27 projects from 2012 to 2018 with most projects overlapping and in different locations.  Their teamwork, superior project execution, outstanding client service and subcontractor relationships led to multiple IDIQ contracts and sole-source projects. 

Dave’s care for the success of his projects was only second to his willing to do whatever it takes attitude.  He was a mentor to our up-and-coming superintendents and became like family to all of us.  Dave was RHD’s first employee and our first retiree. 

Dave, thank you does not seem adequate for what you’ve given and contributed to RHD, however, please know that you have made a difference.   We would not be where we are today without you.  RHD will not be the same without you.  Enjoy the beer and retirement Dave, you are missed.

With Gratitude,

Rozanne MacDonald Garman 

RHD Enterprises, Inc. - Advocating for diversity, women-owned businesses

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on October 18, 2017

RHD Enterprises, Inc. was recognized in the South Sound Business Examiner this month as an advocate for diversity and women-owned businesses. SBA Seattle District Office Director, Kerrie Hurd, was ecstatic to award Rozanne.

This article highlights Rozanne's success-driven attitude and the positive direction in which RHD continues to head.

Brothers in Arms Motorcycle Club thanks RHD for their contributions

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on October 17, 2017

RHD Enterprises, Inc. has been a proud supporter of the Brothers in Arms Motorcycle Club (BIAMC) for years. Today, we were presented with a beautifully crafted wooden plaque for the ongoing contributions made to The Veterans Outreach Program for the Island County Opportunity Council. 


The North Puget Sound Chapter of the Brothers in Arms MC, are active and retired military service members who enjoy riding motorcycles and do whatever they can to help out their community; hoping to shed a positive light on motorcycle clubs. They are one of the few clubs to have female patch holders. "BIAMC and RHD have helped several veterans out of homelessness and helped keep them off the streets," says Frank Goeth, a Superintendent here at RHD, and proud member of the BIAMC - North Puget Sound Chapter.


The Puget Sound Business Journal Called With Some Very Exciting News!

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on September 28, 2017

RHD Enterprises, Inc. is ranked among Puget Sound Business Journal's "100 Fastest-Growing Minority-Owned Companies in Washington State," "Largest Minority-Owned Companies in Washington State," and "100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington State." We want to thank our team members, subcontractors, and clients for helping us to achieve this honor.

Check out Puget Sound Business Journal's article here.

RHD Participates in Tough Mudder with YWCA of Olympia

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on September 16, 2017

What started out as a personal goal for Rozanne Garman and Dawn Doyal evolved into a fundraiser for the YWCA of Olympia and a 10-woman team.  The team raised over $2,000 to support the YWCA's mission which is to "Empower Women and Eliminate Racism." Notwithstanding the mud, bumps and bruises, this event was so popular that the #YWCAMudder team is already planning to participate and fundraise again next year.

RHD sharpens their life-saving skills!

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on September 15, 2017

The RHD Team spent some quality time together learning how to effectively deliver First Aid and when it's necessary to administer CPR. We spent the day practicing several scenarios and even (re)learned how to use an AED.  A very special thank you to our instructor, Lance Thornton, of the Cascade Training Center for helping us to breathe life into our First Aid & CPR Credentials (pun intended) :)



Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on September 9, 2017

RHD is proud to be among the list of sponsors for the 3rd year in a row, honoring our service men and women. Foofaraw is a local event hosted by the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce and the Olympia Yacht Club. 

Over 200 active duty service members are treated to a day of boating, drinking, fun and games - including potato car racing! RHD's Bill Roberts, Cynthia Brantley, and Zach Arnold were among the attendees at this year's event, where they enjoyed delicious smoked salmon and almost sunny blue skies! 


RHD President, Rozanne Garman, sits on the National Women's Business Council panel

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on August 14, 2017

Rozanne Garman was a panelist at the National Women's Business Council (NWBC) Solutions Lab in Seattle, WA last week, where she sat among four others to offer expertise on national policy solutions.

As part of her contribution to the "Exploration of Seattle's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Millennial Women" panel, Rozanne was asked to delve into the contracting policies that shaped RHD's opportunities and growth.

Rozanne also provided insight on opportunities for millennials and how they might also prepare for public sector contracts.

The NWBC Solutions Lab in Seattle is one of a series of roundtable discussions that the Council is convening across the country, which will bring together approximately 50 women business owners, entrepreneurial development organization leaders, program managers, corporate officials and policy makers.


RHD Shops for Supplies!

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on August 10, 2017

Every year, RHD donates school supplies and backpacks to The Little Red Schoolhouse Project and The SafePlace Project in Olympia, WA.

Dawn, Letetia, Britny, Janet, Raven, and Tina filled 16 backpacks with supplies and dropped them off at each site, where they will be donated to a family in need of assistance this school year. 

If you would like more information on how you can donate to these projects, please feel free to visit their website:

Little Red Schoolhouse - Olympia  and

SafePlace of Olympia - Freedom From Violence

Cynthia & Rozanne attend the Small Business Networking Session

Posted by RHD Enterprises, Inc. on August 7, 2017


Cynthia Brantley and Rozanne Garman traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the U.S. Department of State Small Business Networking Session, co-hosted by the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce.

The event was very well attended. They were excited to meet not only with the Department of State, but also with the Department of Energy, the USDA, NASA, and several large primes




While they were in D.C., Rozanne and Cynthia were privileged to meet with the Department of Labor's Contracting Officers for our previous (and future) projects at the Cascade Job Corps Center in Sedro Woolley, WA.